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  • Sustainability by principle

    We are living a new era. An era in which it becomes urgent and essential the re-signification of socio-environmental positions in production processes. In this same context, an increasing number of individuals wish to be part of a global transformation movement, rethinking their roles as consumers or as professionals in the markets in which they operate.

    In the last 12 years, Santa Luzia has accepted the challenge of finding economically viable and responsible solutions with the environment. They invested in research and development to build 7 recycling facilities in Brasil with the capacity to recover more than 1000 tons of waste per month.

    In addition to contributing to reduce the impacts of environmental degradation through waste recycling, Santa Luzia was able to make a jump with its commercial model. Since products made from recycled material have attributes that are increasingly valued by current and future generations, who believe in their responsibility and commitment to building a greater good.

    The product portefolio consist of skirting boards, accessories, eco-bricks and eco-deck. Download the product catalogue here

    Santa Luzia products are now promoted in central Europe by JD Global Sourcing as European sales agent.

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