• JD Basic XTERIOR is suitable for outdoor applications, unlike JD Basic COMPACT. JD Basic XTERIOR is available in different versions, depending on the needs of the customer. Until recently, it was always the case that UV protection was always offered on both sides (EGS / EGF/EDS/EDF). Today, however, many wonder, why should we spend several Euros per M2 for a UV protection, which is anyway mounted only against the wall?
    When we talk about UV protection, most JD Basic XTERIOR sheets are protected with UV film. But if you want to go one step higher in quality (EDS / EDF), you can also request the version with EBC (Electron Beam Curing) on both sides.

    JD GROUP has its own ETB test passed according to the German "Materialanstalt annover Bauwesen und Produktionstechnik".

    Last not least JD GROUP offer not only a flat panel, but a full concept consisting of installation, marking, optimization, axcessories (profiles, EPDM, screws etc.). Thats what we call JD Basic XTERIOR concept.

    JD Basic XTERIOR Color Wood Stone Phantasy Concrete Digi
    Decors: x x x x x x
    Finish: Matt Perl  Stone      
    Standard width mm: 950 1220 1300  1300  1840  
    Standard length mm: 2150 2440 2800  3050  3660  
    Thickness mm: 4,5/6/8/10/12
    EN-438.4. and 6./. EGS/EGF/EDS/EDF
    Applications: Facades, Balconies, Sub roofs, Wall cladding


  • JD Basic XTERIOR Collection 2021-23

    Here you find all 30 colors of JD Basic COMPACT and XTERIOR collection. The listes NCS numbers are the nearest NCS numbers. Please always compared with a reral laminate color sample.