• JD Basic LINER

    JD Basic LINER can be compared to JD Basic BAKER. However, the JD Basic LINER laminates are always delivered in colors, e.g. White or beige. At the same time, you have to know that JD Basic LINER does not normally contain any covering paper. I.e. JD Basic LINER should be used where visibility is reduced, but where there is still a need for heavy use, e.g. in cupboards, kitchen cabinets etc.

    JD Basic Liner White Beige        
    Dekors: x x        
    Finishes: Matt          
    Standard width mm: 950 1220 1300 1400 1830 1830
    Standard length mm: 2150 2440 3050 3660 3660 4300
    Thickness mm: 0,6-0,9
    Application: Less visible fronts, baker, cabinets