• JD Basic Collection - 13 new colors...

    JD GROUP introduce 13 new colors. The new colors are all available in both JD Basic HPL, JD Basic COMPACT and JD Basic XTERIOR. Check the collection here

  • JD Global Project – Projects, Technologies and Services:

    This company was founded in 2018 as a consequence of the need to be able to serve customers more broad, especially in connection with interior and exterior wall cladding projects. Today the main tasks of JD Global Project are:

    • Selected architect promotion and project work, with focus on JD Basic COMPACT and JD Basic XTERIOR.
    • Assist with new technologies within the field of HPL.
    • Marketing of JD Basic XTERIOR concept:
      • More than just a flat exterior panel
        • Processing (drilling, CNC routing, cutting)
        • Accessories (powderpainted screws, alu profiles, EPDM band, tools….)
      • Project optimization
        • Identification of each panel in the project
        • Marking and packaging accordingly
        • Installation plan
      • Various static calculations
      • Project management
      • Installation assistance
      • Mock-ups 1:1