• One world - one relation

    At JD GROUP you have one contact person, regardless of whether you have a national, European or even global request. I.e. you don't have to speak to multiple departments, or to speak to subsidiaries or branches. No, you speak to us and JD GROUP will take care of the rest and make the appropriate arrangements with you.


    Logistic solutions:

    JD GROUP will always try to establish the most direct route to the manufacturers of JD Basic as well as to the customers. The more direct, the cheaper and the easier it is. JD GROUP does not only offer "CIF Rotterdam", but directly to your door or factory reloaded by truck, if necessary.


    Goods from stock and delivery time:

    Standard goods that are in stock are made ready for dispatch from one day to the next. Orders for goods in stock that are received by JD GROUP by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday in one week, will be delivered to you the following week. JD GROUP reserves the right to plan tours.

    As a group, you can also have multiple unloading points, no problem. Just ask JD GROUP.