• Price warranty:

    Based on prior acceptance upon your price request, JD GROUP can offer you a price guarantee. If you have received a confirmed offer from JD GROUP and have already redeemed it in a specific order, and if you get a better offer within 6 months of placing your order for the same product from a competitor of JD GROUP, JD GROUP is committed to you regulate the current price accordingly.

    Quantity discount from stock:

    JD GROUP is geared towards permanent quantities. And loyalty should be rewarded. JD GROUP therefore offers you after prior agreement the following discount scheme for standard goods that are purchased from stock and are not already included in a delivery scheme:

    "Buy 10 pallets of a product - the 11th pallet follows without charge". The 10 pallets can be distributed in one order or over several orders, it doesn't matter. The only criterion: we always talk about the same product (format, color, thickness, etc.). The free pallet will be delivered together with other goods upon closer agreement.