• JD GROUP offer several types and grades of dissipative laminates for among others, the electronic industry. Thicknesses vary from 0,8mm to 1,2mm and upwards to even 16mm JD Basic COMPACT in ESD quality

  • JD Basic ESD is used, for example, in the electronics industry. The perforated structure makes the laminate conductive and can be used as a thin HPL or as a compact laminate, e.g. 16mm thick. Please ask for the data sheet for JD Basic ESD.

    JD Basic ESD Colors Wood Stone Phantasy Concrete  
    Dekors: x x x x x  
    Finishes: Perl Matt        
    Standard width mm: 915 1300 1550 1830    
    Standard length mm: 2150 3050 3660 4300    
    Thickness mm: 0,9-16mm
    EN-438.3 HGS/CGS
    Applications: Electronic industry, tables, interior decorations, laboratories, hospitals