• JD GROUP's today is a ready made sales and marketing platform covering the full supply chain within the european laminate industry, ready to be geared according to investment.

    JD GROUP's vision is to become THE leading sourcing company within CPL, HPL and COMPACT laminates for interior and exterior application in Europe, using its worldwide sourcing net.

    Typical of the HPL business in Europe is that competitors relate to one or two manufacturers only. The unique USP by JD GROUP is that JD GROUP sources where it is best for the customer, and deliver to the point where the customer is, and how the customer wants it, without any extra costly link in the supply chain.

    This means that opposite its competitors, JD GROUP relate its sourcing activities worldwide to a larger number of factories, and listen to - and meet customer needs with focus on costs, logistics, price, quality, CSR, service and relations.

    This means that JD GROUP does not only build long term relationships with its customers, but also to its suppliers, where individual and competitive suppliers are identified and repeatingly applied according to the specification of products.

    JD GROUP slogan "One world - one relation" focuses on basic principles, simple communication and as direct logistics as possible, independent if the customer needs are local or global.

    JD GROUP products must be marketed via their own JD Basic brands with focus on digital and online marketing, on direct basis or via own stock.