• CPL, HPL or COMPACT laminates for interior and exterior application

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  • If you are looking for new products or alternative sources of supply for your current products, you are in the right place at JD Global Sourcing.

  • All agreements are recorded in writing and customized.

  • Any request for a new product, or where price optimization is concerned, follows a price agreement. Here all relevant and new data as well as the price validity are recorded.

  • We are happy to help you when it comes to CPL, HPL or compact laminate. Thanks to our experience, we know where we best source which products. We are also happy to help you.

  • As fas as new decors or trends are concerned, JD Global Sourcing keeps up to date. The ongoing contact with manufacturers and paper suppliers thus also benefits to the customer.

  • Too often, sales go too far in the sourcing chain. JD Global Sourcing helps to optimize the chain. "One world - one relation" means that you always have to deal with the same contact person at JD Global Sourcing, regardless of whether your inquiry or question is going nationwide or across Europe or even worldwide. Supplies are as direct as possible, no extra links inbetween.

  • JD Global Sourcing offers to assist you in finding new delivery supplyers. The contact network of JD Global Sourcing is worldwide. It does not matter if you are looking for new products or alternative sources of supply for your products.

  • One is to enter into an agreement between the customer and JD Global Sourcing about JD Basic products. This agreement is also followed by an after sales service commitment from JD Global Sourcing. This means for instance the bill comes from the EC; the daily contact is in local language, and JD Global Sourcing is your guarantee for after-sales service.

  • Why choose JD Global Sourcing...

    Some selected strength of JD Global Sourcing are:

  • Price warranty

    JD Global Sourcing offers you a price guarantee. If you have received an offer from JD Global Sourcing and have already paid a specific order, and you get a better quote within 1 months of submitting your order for the same product from a competitor, JD Global Sourcing is committed to you to regulate the current price over the next orders.

  • From stock Europe

    JD Global Sourcing is happy to supply FCL or LCL from the manufacturer country. However, in order to bridge the delivery time, JD Global Sourcing offers a variety of its JD Basic product from stocks in Europe after agreement or, to supply according to a delivery plan.


  • "No cure - no pay"

    JD Global Sourcing live from satisfied customers. Therefore if you - against supposition - are dissatisfied with the service or delivery, you have the option to cancel the order after further agreement or we will replace the defected part of shipment.

  • Quality according EN-438

    All JD Basic laminate products are manufactured to the EN 438 standard, and JD Global Sourcing guarantees the compliance for 12 months from the date of production.

    Please ask JD Global Sourcing for the individual TDS (technical data sheets) of the individual series.

    The EN-438 assures you the quality according to the possible designations: HGS / HGP / HGF / VGS / VGP / VGF / CGS /
    CGF / BTS / EGS / EGF / EDS / EDF / MTS

  • Examples of applications of JD Basic...

    Here you find the latest projects and applications of JD Basic CPL/HPL, JD Basic COMPACT and JD Basic XTERIOR: