• "CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility"...

    When dealing with non-European companies and suppliers, you have to pay close attention to CSR. JD GROUP cannot guarantee or be responsible in detail for the daily operations of its suppliers. However, to meet the challenge, JD GROUP does not market any CPL, HPL or COMPACT laminate from any manufacturer, whose production and company has not been personally inspected by Jan Danielsen. I.e. JD GROUP does not use any supplier of CPL, HPL or COMPACT laminates, who does not cover all of the 11 demands below. Recognize and accept messengers.

    If necessary, a separate CSR agreement can be signed between JD Global Sourcing and the customer in advance of a collaboration in order to document compliance and documentation of social and sustainable standards.


  • "FSC certified Suppliers"...

    JD Global Sourcing not only attaches great importance to the correct handling of social and sustainable responsibility of its suppliers, i.e. towards employees and people, but also towards the sustainability of the environment. Whether it is largely the reuse of raw materials, energy or the replanting of forests or local or nationwide, social engagements.

    Within CPL, HPL and COMPACT laminates, it is of no use if only the supplier is generally certified. The products must also be FSC certified. Therefore, please always refer to FSC-certified products from the very beginning of any order, where FSC certified products are to be delivered. Because not all suppliers are FSC certified today.

  • "The 11 principles of the UN Global Compact"...

    JD GROUP is largely familiar with the content of the UN Global Compact Standard from the UN Secretary General. In it, a company declares its will to endeavor to comply with certain social and ecological minimum standards in the future. These principles are summarized in eleven principles, which are listed here accordingly.

    Companies that follow the Global Compact should ...

    • Respect internationally proclaimed human rights and promote compliance within their sphere of influence.
    • Eensure that they are not involved in human rights abuses.
    • Respect the rights of their employees to trade unionists and effectively recognize their right to collective bargaining.
    • Exclude all forms of forced labor.
    • Contribute to the abolition of child labor.
    • Exclude any discrimination in relation to employment and occupation.
    • Take a precautionary attitude towards environmental hazards.
    • Take initiatives to promote greater environmental awareness.
    • Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
    • Stand up against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.
    • Fight against corruption.
  • "JD GROUP Supplyer code of conduct"...

    No product from any supplier will be marketed, if the supplier has not accepted in writing the JD GROUP supplier code of conduct, which goes far beyond above 11 principles. For any specific request of the content of the JD GROUP supplier code of conduct, please contact JD GROUP. The JD GROUP Supplyer code of conduct implies the option of regular audits surveilling the local production and other supplier relations.

  • "EN-438 norms"...

    All JD Basic products follow the EN-438 production norms, which is a further customer guarantee. Please contact JD GROUP for the individual technical data sheets for all JD Basic products.