• "One world - One relation"...

    As a customer at JD GROUP you have ONE relationship, regardless of whether the (inquiry) question is nationwide, Europe-wide or worldwide. The world is constantly changing. Everything is moving faster and faster, and everyone expects immediate answers. That is why it is very important for JD GROUP that no artificial boundaries, or distribution principles or supplier restrictions or anything else negatively affects direct and simple communication. On the contrary, together with JD GROUP you can make decisions around the world quickly and reliably. Both as a customer and as a supplier.

  • "Customers and suppliers relations"...

    The relationship after the first contact between JD GROUP and the customer or supplier is the most important thing in the collaboration. That is why JD GROUP insists on always establishing and maintaining a good relationship with its customers and suppliers. Only with mutual honesty, openness and diligence one can build such a relationship and maintain it in the long term and even expand it.

  • "Service-Service-Service"...

    Simply to bring up a price which is lower than the customers present price, will not make the deal. No, one of JD GROUP's major core values are to listen to its customers and service accordingly, before and after-sales. If by adapting the product, logistic solutions, sales and delivery terms or marketing activities, all such option are part of the service "package" which JD GROUP can offer to its customers.

  • "Think Basic..."

    Thinking basic means:

    • Offer the most common decors directly or from factory or stock
    • Everything else on request
    • Price focusing without neglecting quality
    • Cost-focused (no unnecessary costs)
    • Simplified logistics (no detours or extra links)
    • Simplified communication (direct contact)
    • Modern technology
  • "Long term and reciprocity"...

    JD Global Sourcing attaches great importance to the fact that the cooperation is seen in the long term. "Day flights" or "one-time orders" are not at the top of JD GROUP's wish list. On the contrary, only long-term relationships and ways of thinking are useful in the long term and mutually lucrative.

    At the same time, it is important to underline that JD GROUP sees the relationship to customers and suppliers in both directions. I.e. not only from JD GROUP to the customer or supplier, but also from the customer or supplier to JD GROUP. So both ways, "give and take"

    I.e. in turn, all emerging topics must be able to be discussed with mutual understanding. And if you can't get 100% right, you have to make a fair compromise for both customer/supplier and JD GROUP and vice verca.

  • "EN-438 quality"...

    All JD Basic products are produced according to EN-438 norms. Please ask JD GROUP for further detailed information and /or technical datasheets of  JD GROUP products. Even sometime some customers needs to have better criterias than in the norm. All can be studied, and feel welcome to benefit from the long experience in the HPL business.