• This is the history of JD GROUP:

    In 1991 Jan Danielsen started his career in the HPL business. Here he was hired as Market Manager for Scandinavia for a world-famous Italian manufacturer of HPL.

    In 2010 he was appointed to Germany within the group to work as a branch manager and, at the same time, to continue to look after the Scandinavian markets.

    In 2013 the collaboration was ended after almost 20 years.

    In 2014 he founded JD International. JD International is based on well-known agencies from Turkey, India and China. But since he is in charge of the entire process, from supplier and customer contact, as well as all of the logistics and financial processing, it was a natural step:

    In 2016 to found the company JD Global Sourcing, parallel to the further development of JD International.

    JD Global Sourcing is based on worldwide sourcing of CPL, HPL and COMPACT laminate, as well as its own import and promotion of the four own brands "JD Basic CPL", "JD Basic HPL" , "JD Basic COMPACT" and "JD Basic XTERIOR".

    Jan Danielsen puts it this way: "At that time, when I was in permanent employment, I came up with one product. If the customer didn't like it, I had to leave. With JD International I arrive with three products, which triples the probability. But if the customer still do not like them, I can walk away again. With JD Global Sourcing, I turn the question around, listen to the customer's needs and then source the desired product under the desired conditions where it is most beneficial to the customer".

    In 2018 JD Global Project was founded. JD Global Project offers project management such as project optimization, installation, axcessories as well as various services and technologies.

    In 2020 JD Global Production was founded. JD Global Production i designed especially for larger for key accounts, who desire direct production axcess and production involvement.

    In 2020 JD Global Solution was introduced as a part of JD GROUP, supplying semifinished or finished systems solutions such as cubical systems, pool interior decorations, fence systems etc.

    Today those companies form JD GROUP