• JD Basic Collection - 13 new colors...

    JD GROUP introduce 13 new colors. The new colors are all available in both JD Basic HPL, JD Basic COMPACT and JD Basic XTERIOR. Check the collection here

  • JD Basic PHENOLIC is mainly used in industry, where the product is included as a component in a finished product. The product is therefore often delivered without decorative paper and can be delivered with or without melamine, depending on the application.

    JD Basic PHENOLIC Phenolic Melamine        
    Dekors: x x        
    Finishes: Matt Perl        
    Standard width mm: 950 1220 1300 1400 1830 1830
    Standard length: 2150 2440 3050 3660 3660 4300
    Thickness mm:   2 to 25
    EN-438.3 CGS/CGF
    Application: Industry