• JD Basic TABLE is generally used in the (outdoor) furniture industry. The assortment is similar to the JD Basic COMPACT, but here we are talking about other strengths and core colors. Usually the kernel is brown or black. Here, the core can also be colored, in white, light or dark gray and so on.

    JD Basic TABLE Color Wood Stone Phantasie Concrete Digi
    Decor: x x x x x x
    Finish: Matt Perl Holz Stein    
    Standard width mm: 950 1220 1300 1610 1610 1830
    Standard length mm: 2150 2440 3050 3660 4200 4300
    thickness mm: 8/10/12/14
    EN-438.3 CGS/CGF
    Application: (Outdoor) Furniture industry