• JD Basic Collection - 13 new colors...

    JD GROUP introduce 13 new colors. The new colors are all available in both JD Basic HPL, JD Basic COMPACT and JD Basic XTERIOR. Check the collection here

  • JD Global Sourcing - own import and export:

    The company was added in 2016 due to the demand of controlling the full logistic process. Today the main tasks of JD Global Sourcing are:

    • Sourcing the needs of the customer where it is best for the customer according to the latter or products.
    • Assure loyal price and delivery attitude towards the selected supplyers. I.e. only in case the selected supplyer cannot offer, or offer competitive prices, or the delivery time is not appropriate, other manufactureres will be asked for same request.
    • Commercial and logistic solutions ”One world - One relation”.
    • Promote the unbranded own collections: JD Basic HPL, JD Basic Compact and JD Basic XTERIOR.
    • Differientiated marketing campaigns and promotion incl. exhibitions.
    • Database management.
    • Establishment of subdealers according to demand.
    • SWOT of dealers and key accounts designs the future promotion of HPL/CPL.
    • Flexible sales- and delivery conditions.