• JD Basic Collection - 13 new colors...

    JD GROUP introduce 13 new colors. The new colors are all available in both JD Basic HPL, JD Basic COMPACT and JD Basic XTERIOR. Check the collection here

  • JD International – agencies & consultancy business:

    The company was founded back in 2014, as the first company in JD GROUP. The main activities in JD International are:

    • Sourcing the needs of the customer according to the latter or products.
    • Main supplyers are from Europe, Asia and Far East.
    • Assure loyal price and delivery attitude towards the selected, competitive supplyers. 
    • Commercial and logistic solutions ”One world - One relation”.
    • Promote the brand and brandname of the manufactureres.
    • Differientiated marketing campaigns and promotion incl. exhibitions.
    • Database management.
    • Desk researches.
    • Market researches.
    • Benchmarketing.
    • Establishment of subagents according to demand.
    • SWOT of dealers and key accounts designs the future promotion strategy.
    • All kinds of consultancy jobs within the HPL business.