• JD Basic COMPACT is available from 2mm to 25mm. JD Basic COMPACT is a self-supporting solid core sheet, typically with brown or black core. New trends are also colored core, in white core, grey core or beige core.

    JD Basic COMPACT has its own ETB test passed according to the German "Materialanstalt annover Bauwesen und Produktionstechnik".

    JD Basic COMPACT Colors Wood Stone Phantasy Concrete Digi
    Dekors: x x x x x x
    Finishes: Matt Perl Stone Wood SuperMatt  
    Standard width mm: 950 1220 1300 1400 1320 1550
    Standard lengthmm: 2150 2440 3050 3660 3660 3660
    Thickness mm:   2 to 25
    EN-438.3 CGS/CGF
    Application: Interior decoration, wall cladding, tables, furniture